Challenging Concepts

If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got

Advising (un)succesful companies with innovative concepts for transitions in business


My Beliefs

Change is inevitable, in business and in life. It’s up to you how to respond to the latest technical developments, life changing moments, fast moving trends, business problems and more. Now is the time to make a transition in your situation.

Whatever your job title, or company size, there is always a way for progress. Just open up and collaborate. Together we create alternative routes and actions packed in a new concept. And yes, sometimes change feels uncomfortable, but you realize this is the path to reach your dot at the horizon.

How I Can Help

Help, my old way of working is not working anymore!

You started your business some time ago and it worked fine, till now. You discover turnover is declining, and, as a result, your motivation is not as it used to be. You don’t seem to be able to discover new ways how to change this into something positive. You need an external person like me, with a long working experience and a fresh approach, to fix this. To flourish again.

How to improve my present situation, now?

You are okay and your business is okay, Fine. But you have daily questions and dilemma’s. On how to optimize this all and get more out of it. To make progress and feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Together we will analyse your present situation to optimize your approach. I will give you actions for progress so you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

I need a future proof concept for the near future

A sustainable business is ready for the challenges that may be ahead. So you will be prepared. Responding to the market trends and technical developments. For your company, for you as a leader and your team. Together we will define your dot at the horizon and the appropriate actions to take. You will be prepared for the future which will give you ease of mind.


What People Say

I know Hans as a quiet, smart man. He’s looking to make connections between people. He can also be very tenacious and purposeful. Hans invents creative solutions to sometimes difficult challenges. His knowledge of high tech in relation to marketing is an interesting combination


Hans proved to be quick in analyzing our commercial strategy and helped us to redefine the business/marketing positioning of our company. He’s a very relaxed person to work with. I will definitely recommend his services to others.

Business Owner


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    With a creative mind and a sharp analyses, I offer you a new business strategy with innovative marketing ideas and client apporaches so your company will flourish (again)

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